Navy Unisex Printed Hoodie

The Classic Unbreakable Stamp is uniquely designed. Each detail serves its purpose, to provide substance.


Structure - This design was constructed with grooves and ridges, symbolic of the adversity one may be facing. Each letter seems to have some type of wear and tear, but not broken. 


Colors - Each color in this design was hand picked and all hold value.

  • Black - The trim is black to be symbolic of one having a solid foundation. 
  • Grey - The grey fill is symbolic of the stregth of concrete and not just any strength, but mental strength.
  • Red - Often when we are on our own journeys, working in our purpose, and/or on bettering ourselves, we often feel that no one appreciates or see everthing we do. So red is symbolic that you are seen, that you are vibrant and you are bright.

Classic Navy Unbreakable Hoodie

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